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CMA Conference Papers Archive

The 104th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association happened a few weeks ago. They put up a meeting page (American Anthropological Association 2005) which, frankly, looks like a brochure for tourists. One anthropologist blogger remarked: "Unfortunately....none of the conference papers are available online for public viewing" (Friedman 2005). You cannot even get paper titles and abstracts online, unlike other academic organizations (e.g. International Studies Association 2005). I am reminded of something David Hakken wrote: "the AAA remains only slightly ahead of my neighborhood muffler shop in terms of its creative use of cyber-media" (2003:194).

This is why I decided to go through the AAA program book, and e-mail everyone whose paper title sounds CMA-related to ask permission to host their paper on my site. You can see the archive here:

I hope to include other conferences in the future. If anyone reading this has a paper they would like on the page, let me know.


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